Advent of Justin 2018


Day 19 is about how you get to be in the driver’s seat with how you choose to do FFI in PureScript


Day 20 is about how to easily set up an environment to write slides with Markdown to compile to Beamer presentations with Pandoc using Nix


Day 21 is about using instance chains for literal arithmetic


Day 22 is about being able to reflect records of proxies for free


Day 23 is about being able to assert two determined types to be equal, and making a custom type error on mismatches


Day 24 is about using row types to build chart.js specs, both for constraining valid operations for kinds of charts and for building up the resulting type:

Thanks to noolbar on Qiita for the Japanese translation!


Day 25 is the last post of the Advent of Justin 2018 and is about how PureScript is for everyone:


Congrats on the successful completion.of the series! It takes a lot of work and stamina to keep it consistent for a whole month!


Great work! Been slowing going through your posts. Totally digging them