How do we avoid ecosystem incoherence in the future?


Coming back to this now – as far as I know, Spago now solves this with #101, and I’ve been using it in blog posts to ensure that if users download the right PureScript and Spago versions and run spago init they’re good to go with all dependencies in the article.

I’m leaning more and more towards PureScript documentation recommending Spago + a package set to minimize how frequently dependency issues occur for new users and how quickly recommendations go out of date (like “just run pulp init!”)


I agree; at some point in the not too distant future I would also like to have the getting started guide on use spago. However I think it’s worth pointing out that "Run pulp init" is actually the correct recommendation for getting started for people who are going to use pulp, and it does work the vast majority of the time; the only time it doesn’t work is the short period directly after a breaking release where the ecosystem is still catching up. (Of course, the buzz surrounding a breaking release often gets lots of people to try purescript for the first time at this point, which is more or less the worst possible time to do so, so I’m definitely not advocating staying with bower.)