Semimonthly Online Meetup 2021-01 - 2021-04

Yes. 2100 CET, it should be.

Is this gonna be the new time or is it a one off thing?

Don’t know – I was at the one before last, and I think that was the same time.

Hm, well if so the time should be changed in the post. It currently says 19:00 UTC.

Notes from today’s meetup. Will restrict editing in an hour.


Just a quick reminder that in around two hours we have another PS meetup. I’ve created a notebook for it here:
Please don’t hesitate to use it during the meet :wink:


Here are the final notes:


sorry i missed this - the midday (CET) ones are a little more hit or miss for me.

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Just a quick reminder - we are going to have a meetup soon.

An empty notebook for the meetup can be found here - please don’t hesitate to use it :wink:


Just a quick reminder that tomorrow at this time we are going to begin another PS meetup. Please join us to discuss anything what interests you and is related to PureScript!

Here we have a new notebook for the upcoming event: . Please don’t hesitate to use it during the meetup.

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Anyone attending tomorrow use nix flakes? I usually don’t wake up for the meetup at this time but I’ve been working on something and I’d love to present it.


I use nix but I’ve not started using flakes yet… but as you can guess I’m interested in the topic :wink:

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The final, short notes (sorry about that) can be found here:

Thanks a lot for the nice meetup and sharing session! See you next time!


I was planning on sharing a status update on patching API gaps in the list library during tomorrow’s meetup, but have a scheduling conflict. So in lieu of attending, here’s a video update instead:

Thanks a lot @milesfrain! We are going to walk through your update on the meetup.

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Here are the final notes (as usual - sorry for my English):

I think that it is time to start a new PS meetup thread to simplify browsing / responding / searching.