0.12 upgrade guide?

haskman [1:20 AM]
Is there a migration guide for migration to v0.12?

justinw [1:20 AM]
probably not

haskman [1:21 AM]
okay, any docs on the individual issues i’m likely to encounter. Like the effect system, or the new generics?

kritzcreek [1:22 AM]
new generics are generics-rep, they’ve been around for a while, we just don’t have the old ones anymore
The most prominent changes: purescript-eff -> purescript-effect

haskman [1:22 AM]
so any docs on how to migrate old generics code to generics-rep?

kritzcreek [1:22 AM]
purescript-maps + purescript-sets -> purescript-ordered-collections

probably your best bet
if you’ve been using StrMap it’s now called Object in purescript-foreign-object
the purescript-dom library has been split up into various libraries in the purescript-web organization
most other libraries have the relevant changes in their releases page on github