Allow adding fields to record during an update


Hello every one, This topic is continue of this issue and I’m opening this topic because @hdgarrood suggested me.

I was moving my js code to purescript and found that the add/modify operation in js is a trouble in purescript. So I opened the issue.
Then we found that existing features of language are not suitable for type of record update syntax, because they are complicated and annoy the type inference system.
Then I implement a test type inference REPL with “? feature” that provide a js-like add/modify operation to changing records.

Problems / questions:

  • Is anyone think allow adding field in record update syntax is bad?
  • Is “? feature” implementable in purescript?
  • Is a way to implement add/modify operation with now purescript? ( without mentioned problems )
  • Is “? feature” has alternatives in now purescript?
  • Should we don’t implement “? feature” in purescript because of stability?
  • Should we don’t change the “record update syntax” type because of stability?