[ANN] Writing GitHub Actions in PureScript

Hey all - recently, I expanded on the work started in setup-purescript by writing bindings to GitHub’s Actions Toolkit. They’re published under purescript-github-actions-toolkit.

You can use these bindings to utilize the GitHub Actions Toolkit to write Actions to automate your GitHub workflows.

We’ve now used these bindings to implement a few actions:

The possibilities with Actions are endless, so I also published hello-world-purescript-action, which provides a template for writing your own!

At this point there are a few parts of the GitHub Actions Toolkit that don’t have bindings yet, and I created issues for those on purescript-github-actions-toolkit - if anyone is interested in working on those, feel free to reach out and I’m happy to work with you.

I’m interested to hear what ideas people have for custom Actions - is there any common workflow you do that you think could be automated?


These bindings have been working great for setup-purescript, thank you for writing them! They help make writing actions a breeze.

I took a spin through actions written for other languages (like Elm), and something that comes to mind right away is an action to format pull requests with purty — I know the tool isn’t standard, but enough people use purty that being able to hook into it for pull requests would be useful.

Thanks again for writing these bindings and documenting everything well — can’t wait to see what useful tools come out of it!