Announcing purescript-halogen-transition

purescript-halogen-transition is a small library that toggles enter/leave className when visibility changes. See an example. Only works with Halogen 5 right now.

It uses Aff.delay to wait for transition ending. I’m actually not sure if Aff.delay is the right option.

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This is really cool! One thing you could do with Halogen 5 would be to use the “low-level” component representation, which can hide the internal query type, and proxy queries/messages directly to the child.

I’ve also really wanted to implement transition primitives on top of halogen-vdom so they could be shared by spork and halogen. Have you ever looked into how halogen-vdom works?

Which “low-level” representation do you mean? I tried to use mkComponent, but didn’t figure out how to proxy query/message. It doesn’t feel like an improvement since it still wraps child query in Raise action. I appreciate if you can help me take a look

I took a look at halogen-vdom, I don’t know, it feels easier to write halogen-transition twice than implementing on halogen-vdom directly.