Announcing purescript-wags - the successor to purescript-audio-behaviors

Hey all!

I’m thrilled to announce purescript-wags, the successor project to purescript-audio-behaviors. WAGS is short for “Web Audio Graphs as a Stream.”

The impetus for the project was solving three interrelated problems:

  • Missed rendering deadlines causing janky audio
  • Slow responsiveness to MIDI instruments
  • An error-prone stringly-typed slot system for web audio generators

The result is a library with…

  • Up to 2x speed improvement on web audio graph rendering
  • An industry-grade MIDI keyboard in the browser (see the tweet above!)
  • No more stringly-typed audio units

The library still has a long way to go in terms of documentation and examples to get up-to-par with purescript-audio-behaviors. I will likely spend the next 2-3 months improving purescript-wags and then eventually putting purescript-audio-behaviors in read-only mode.

If anyone would like to contribute, there are lots of odds and ends for the FP enthusiast, including:

I hope you get a chance to check out the library & make sound/music with it!