Any mature library for frontend framework powered by FRP?

I was looking at the choices for frontend and obviously there is Halogen but I’m looking non TEA style. In here awesome-purescript | Curated list of awesome lists | there are few. I found turbine, is it stable ? good to build a website ? Any other framework that I missed ?
Which one should I use TEA vs non TEA.

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It’s listed under react-based but concur is quite a bit different to TEA and might be fun to look at (not exactly FRP based I guess) - I certainly had fun with it but I have to admit that I go to Halogen or purescript-react for my projects.

I have no experiences with the pure FRP ones so I look forward to further answers as well :smiley:

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While I wouldn’t call it mature (yet! but it’s actively being worked on), deku is sort of a continuation of the ideas presented in the sdom library plus a bit more, like HTML at the type-level through pursx and SSR.

It’s built on top of the hyrule and bolson libraries, so it can integrate pretty tightly against other frameworks like ocarina (web audio) or rito (three.js), which also use said libraries.


There are a few open source projects using deku that can give you a sense of the framework’s plusses and minuses