Any PureScript/Haskell/FP opportunities in the Boston area?

Hi all :wave:t4:

I’m looking for a new position in the Boston area, if anyone knows of any statically-typed functional languages opportunities, could you please pass them on to me? That would be really helpful :pray:t4:

I’m learning PureScript/Haskell and working on on my spare time, I’ve been doing some Elixir for 2 years and some JavaScript for 3+ years at work.

Please note that I’m not a US citizen but I do have an H1B visa, so I’d need a transfer.

Thanks a lot :v:t4:

Unfortunately while I don’t know of opportunities in the Boston area, there are openings at Awake Security and Lumi in Los Angeles (which I believe are remote friendly), as well as at my own company, CitizenNet (Conde Nast), in Los Angeles as well.

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Hi @ninjarab!

CollegeVine is located in Cambridge, MA, and we are currently hiring.
Check out our job postings:

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