Anyone using Doom emacs? care to share your config? I am having troubles making psc-ide-emacs work

Hey guys,

I am trying to run purescript on doom emacs, I uncommented purescript from the init.el so purescript mode is working I get syntax highlight.

I have the purescript compiler installed inside the node_modules and also spago. spago builds fine.

I am trying to get psc-ide-emacs to work with doom emacs but failing. when I use psc-ide-server-start it says it can find the executable no matter if I go to the folder itself where purs.bin is located.

I am using Linux.

This is my config.el file

(use-package! psc-ide)

(add-hook 'purescript-mode-hook
  (lambda ()

(setq! psc-ide-purs-executable "./node_modules/purescript/purs.bin")

This is my packages.el file

(package! psc-ide)

Any idea? I am new to purescript and emacs so this is getting out of hand fast

You can set (setq psc-ide-use-npm-bin t) to have the plugin pick up your project local installed binaries.

Hi, I am not sure If I copied my config wrong or what, but that was there and it was still not working. I had to end up installing purscript and spago globally to make it work. sucks but at least I can move on