Argonaut Codecs now uses typed errors

A few weeks ago, @srghma implemented typed errors for argonaut-codecs. That means that errors are no longer simple strings and instead contain richer information about what type of error occurred. These types can be used for writing better errors, printing better human-readable error messages, and so on. The type used is the same as that used in codec-argonaut.

This is a breaking change and has been released as argonaut-codecs v7.0.0. I’m making this announcement to make sure folks who will be affected and need to update their applications are aware of this upcoming change.

The package sets have not yet been updated to use v7.0.0, so your applications and projects won’t use the new version yet. The package sets will update in a week or two or longer when as many libraries in the ecosystem as possible have accommodated the change.

There is an issue on the package-sets repository tracking which libraries are affected and whether they have been updated yet. We opened PRs to update all libraries that depend on argonaut in the package set, and most have released new versions that work with the new version.

It won’t be necessary for you to update immediately. However, you’ll eventually want to update to use typed errors yourself, or use the printJsonDecodeError function to convert errors to strings.

Please feel free to respond to this thread with any questions you have and I’ll answer as best I can!