ARM precompiled binaries?

Is there any plans to have ARM precompiled PureScript binaries built by the CI as official releases? There’s a lot more devices running ARM now and some of them can be too underpowered to build the binary from Stack in a reasonable amount of time.


I have M1 on my private laptop and I install purs from npm. Works like a charm.


I have M1 and it’s working ok but it will be nice to have ARM version,also I love to play with purescript on my android phone inside termux. I think now that Haskell has ARM support, we can compile the purescript compiler for ARM too


I was looking at doing some scripting on a 10-year-old, fanless ARM Chromebook to make less e-waste, but that machine is not fast enough to build anything this size in a reasonable amount of time. There’s an issue the PureScript Git repo of someone spending a whole day compiling PureScript for a Raspberry Pi so it is something that takes a while; the person’s build missed some flags/config somewhere and had to start that whole process over again which isn’t ideal.

And currently the easy-purescript-nix repo only looks at isDarwin. Unlike the NPM repo that can build from source and not rekindling that drama, Nix can’t build PureScript and the solution was to point to the prebuilt binaries (which opens a different can of worms with maybe staticly-linked musl would allow better portability of the prebuilt binaries).

It also seems a bit wasteful that there’s >2 data points already of machines that built the same Mac-ARM-compatible binary.


Not sure how helpful this would be, but I just sent a PR to get PureScript building in Nixpkgs again: haskellPackages.purescript: get building again by cdepillabout · Pull Request #145310 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub.

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