Breaking changes to Node libraries & package set droppage

All Node libraries under the purescript-node GitHub org and their bindings have been updated to Node 18. Because this includes breaking changes, library authors have 2 weeks from this announcement to update their packages before packages that have not been updated get dropped from the package set.

In addition to the changes, node-fs-aff and node-streams-aff are deprecated and must be removed when updating packages to the updated Node libraries. node-fs-aff was merged into node-fs, and node-stream-aff was merged into node-stream.

Helpful Links

See whether you or a library you use is affected

If you are a library author…

Final library changelogs:

For more details on these changes, see RFC: Update Node libraries to v18

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I see the “how to update” guide suggests ad-hoc version overrides for everything. Is this intended to be a multi-phase scenario? First I update the library, then we get the new package set, then I update the library again?

Mm… a single update should be fine. If you want to make an update later with code changes, you can bump the package set at that point, too. bower.json isn’t really ad-hoc. But for spago-based ones, that’s just how it works.