Clean up cached build information

I’m having trouble that looks like the presence of cached build information.

First, in psc-ide mode in Emacs, its offering auto-completion that seem to come from outdated files I’m no longer using.

Second, “purs build” is giving me related errors. It’s not clear if that’s because purs is referencing old builds, or because psc-ide gave me a lot of bad autocomplete suggestions and I was unwitting in accepting them.

In any case, I’d like to blow away all old builds and cached information. How do I do that?

@mike1127 Have you tried to just remove ./output directory?

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Like @paluh said, usually it’s as simple as blowing away the /output directory and that’s what I’d always reach for first.

However, sometimes we’ve made changes that require blowing away the bower_components directory as well, or even the .pulp-cache. We usually have a clean script in our package.json file at work. Something like:

"clean": "rm -rf bower_components output .pulp-cache"
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