Contributing mediadevices bindings to purescript-web

I would like to contribute bindings to the Media Devices API to the purescript-web organisation. I’ve recently dusted it off for a different project.

Currently hosted at ~sumo/purescript-web-mediadevices - HTML media device API bindings for PureScript - sourcehut git and is missing some functionality (tracks etc.) which I am continuing to add.

Would the maintainers be interested?




Hey there! Yes, we’re interested in any web library so long as it follows the contributing guidelines:

Namely, we adhere to the relevant specification as closely as we can, as the web organization provides low-level bindings. More opinionated libraries should be built outside the organization on top of the low-level bindings.

If you would like to transfer your library to the org and are willing to stay on as a maintainer let us know here — someone can take a look at the source to make sure it fits the guidelines, then we can initiate the transfer.


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I’ve done a bit of restructuring to align better to the requirements - it is ready for review and feedback (especially the constrain API). I’ve moved the ‘helper’ stuff into a different module that can be excluded as needed.

I am happy to continue to maintain after transfer.

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Great! I can review when I am back from some travel on Monday and see about getting you added to the organization and the repository transferred.

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