Converting Halogen RealWorld to Spago

I spent about half an hour this evening converting Halogen RealWorld to use Spago instead of Bower + Pulp. I had some annoyances with Bower while converting to Halogen 5 – I had to update a few other repos as well and managing those in-transit dependencies is a headache – and thought I’d give Spago another look as it’s been a few months since the last time.

The experience was really nice, and I’m quite happy with the tool and the resulting changes. However, I’m aware that Bower + Pulp is still the default for the community and my repository is an entrypoint for a small but meaningful chunk of new users. I’d like to be careful about switching the package manager and build tool if it will be leading these users astray.

I wrote up some details on why I considered the change and what the experience was like in this pull request:

There, you can also see what the changes look like when converting an application from Bower + Pulp to Spago, including some additions and overrides. As of this moment I am planning to merge that pull request, but I wanted to open a discussion here and/or on the PR if anyone has reasons that this shouldn’t happen.