Core team additions

I’m delighted to announce that the following people have joined the core team:

You’ve all made really significant long-term contributions to various projects in the ecosystem as well as being active, respected voices in the community, and I’m thrilled to have you on board.

I think expanding the core team will put us in a much better position by reducing the number of things that any one person needs to care about or deal with, as well as making the project as a whole more able to weather situations where, say, a contributor’s life circumstances mean they can’t contribute as much as they used to for any reason. I’d like to thank @f-f in particular for getting the ball rolling on getting our governance processes more into the open, and getting us to think about bringing more people on board.

I’m happy to answer any questions people might have. I’m excited to see where the project will go next :slight_smile:


I got plenty of questions but they’re not in coherent enough order to be asked. Maybe I’ll get them straightened out later. In any case I’m also very excited over the course of events here. I think it’s going to go well.

Thank you for your kind words Harry :slightly_smiling_face:

I am very excited as well and very happy that my feedback had a good effect!
Not because I was the one to deliver it or because my situation changed as a result, but this happiness/celebration really comes from having been able to succesfully give a voice to the part of the community that desired more empowerment to improve things together. Expressing that feedback was hard, and I’m sure it was not easy to receive/consider/address it, but all of this shows that we are indeed able to have such a community process in a harmonious and productive way, which is one of the main reasons why I like to stick around here so much.
Thank you all for making this a nice place to be :blush:


This is an excellent decision and you could not have chosen more deserving people

Purescript is a brilliant little language and it is always going to need more passionate people empowered to support it directly