Custom Prelude module with open reexport list


I defined a Prelude module reexporing other modules and notices
a warning soliciting me to write all exported names explicitly.
Is it possible to turn the warning off? It doesn’t seem very practical.

module MyPrelude (module I) where

import Prelude as I
import Foo as I
import Bar as I

No. You can suppress it with purescript-psa, but the compiler by design has no flags for altering the warnings it emits. This warning ensures additive changes to libraries do not break existing code, so it’s only situations like this where you are writing an app or something that will never be depended on that it’s safe to ignore the warning.

When I encounter this case I use tooling to manage it - so here, I’d set up the module as you have it, and then apply all suggestions to make it make it explicit.

I have several warnings excluded via purescript-psa and a custom build command (I don’t use spago build directly, I have an npm run ps script that excludes a bunch of warnings like spago build --purs-args "--stash --censor-lib -g sourcemaps --censor-codes=ImplicitQualifiedImport,ScopeShadowing"). If you use VS Code as your IDE (or some other flavor of purescript-language-server), there’s also a section in settings for censor warnings so that you won’t see the warnings show up in your editor.

I am okay with having this warning on in other modules.
psa argument has global effect.