Dev/build/deploy wokflow for nodejs based services

This question/issue is really not specific for Purescript and generally applies to services build with any JS compiled language, that are supposed to be run on nodejs platform.

But I believe it is still interesting and useful for the community to hear from people who develop with PS and deploy nodejs based services what toolchain they use for dev/build/deploy workflows.

For example to do use ncc?
How you build docker images for deployment etc.

For example, I currently for development use docker (docker-compose) containers run services that modules (packages) in monorepo, using some node-dev (or ts-node-dev) for watching and restarting when on code changes, spago and automatic build tooling helps perfectly here.

As for build and deploy: there is custom tooling that builds the context for docker images that includes only related code (including only related PureScript output) and node packages. Then it builds an image, etc.

I’m thinking about simplifying the toolchain by for example by using webpack or ncc (that compiles and bundles all the related stuff), though I’m not sure how it will work out.

So, interesting about other’s experience.

I find nexe quite convenient to use in docker images.