Disable badges?

Should we disable badges here? Some people have commented that they are a bit annoying.

  • Keep the badges!
  • Remove the badges!

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Some discussion about their intent:


Here’s the badges we have, if you are curious or want to collect-them-all:

Autobiographer    Certified    Editor    First Emoji    First Flag    First Like    First Link
First Mention   First Onebox    First Quote    First Reply    By Email    First Share
New User of the Month    Reader    Read Guidelines    Admired
Champion    Crazy in Love    Devotee    Empathetic    Great Share
Aficionado    Anniversary    Campaigner    Gives Back    Good Share    Higher Love
Respected    Appreciated    Enthusiast    Nice Share    Out of Love    Promoter    Thank You
Welcome    Famous Link    Great Reply    Great Topic    Good Reply    Good Topic
Hot Link    Nice Reply    Nice Topic    Popular Link    Leader    Regular
Basic    Member

It seems like these specific badges wouldn’t effect the desired Good Behavior that the designers intended, but that’s just my initial impression.