Do you have a PureScript app in production?


I wrote Purescript Graphql, it it a 100% typesafe wrapper around GraphQL JS. Right now I don’t really work on it but I would love to hear everyone’s opinion. Simply clone the example project and start writing a GraphQL API in Purescript. There is also a halfway finished tutorial. Please don’t hasitate to open an issue or DM. Your interest will motivate me to keep learning und building :blush:

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Hi all, I have started collecting this info in a list on github - I have added some companies from this thread whenever I could find some information about them. If you don’t find your company on the list and would like to add it, could you please send PRs.


CollegeVine’s MyCV + Chancing Calculator ( are mainly built with PureScript + JSX for rendering.


  • PureScript: ~70k lines
  • JSX: ~49k lines
  • JavaScript: ~4k line (mostly FFI)
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