Easy PureScript with Nix

Posting here since posting on Reddit hasn’t helped get people to know about this in general.

Recently, I’ve made some various projects to make using PureScript with Nix easier, because I wanted to use the Nix package manager for the things it’s good for.

This lets people get tooling like the compiler binary, psc-package, spacchetti-cli, dhall+json binaries, and psc-package2nix.

Speaking of which, I have written this tool to generate derivations for packages from psc-package.json:

If you’d like to read a post on using these in a project, you might like to read this post I’ve written:

And if you’d like to just see some code examples, see this project:

You’ll mostly want to see how the tooling is set up in the shell environment in default.nix, and how the dependencies are prepared in install-deps.nix from the generated information from psc-package2nix. These allow me to do almost no setup in the Travis and Azure CI.


This is awesome, I hope I’ll be trying this out this week.

I gave a talk about Psc-Package2Nix here:

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