Escape Control in Halogen Text/Button


I am modifying a basic Halogen example with counter and buttons.
I tried to wrap button text with non-breaking spaces and make text bold, but all these formatting chars are showed as verbatim i.e. &nbsp;<b>-</b>&nbsp;

I see raw HTML might be dangerous, but there must a be way to do formatting.

You should use an \x style escape within the PureScript string, rather than an HTML escape.


Stepping back… What is the reason for doing this over using CSS to get padding and bold?

.FancyButton {
	padding-inline: 1ex;
	font-weight: 700;
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I’ve got a non-breaking space via hex encoding \x202f.

There is no particular reason, just started trying PureScript and Halogen and curios how much freedom and escape hatches I have. Type and strictness is good, but life usually is more complex :wink: