Event: A short overview of `tidy-codegen`

Next Monday at 19:00 UTC @natefaubion is giving a short talk about and demonstration of tidy-codegen, a new library that makes writing PureScript code generators simple, convenient, and fast. The library can be found here:

The event will be held on Discord (Chat) on the #main-stage, with discussion occurring in the #audience-chat channel. For those of you who are interested, see you there :wave:!

You can register for the event in the #events channel on Discord.


Has this been recorded? a) wasn’t awake and b) don’t have a Discord account

The event hasn’t yet happened (it’s this upcoming Monday) and I’ll have to see if @natefaubion is OK with a recording.

Ah. In that case I will be asleep. Did the “Insert date / time” widget not work for the post?

:woman_facepalming: Forgot about inserting it! It’s included now.

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Awesome. This come with .ics files to import to your calendar too which is pretty handy.

Yeah, if it’s easy to record, we should.


Unfortunately, a few minutes into the call the recording’s audio drops out entirely, and so I don’t have a recording of the call. I’m really sorry about that, as it was a great demonstration of the library with some fantastic audience questions. In the end, this was a live event that happened on Discord without a recorded part and I am going to spend some time making sure that I’m able to properly record things going forward. Completely my fault, and as we do these more regularly I will definitely find a way to ensure they’re reliably recorded :anguished:


Just saw this in my email - sad that I missed this, but awesome to hear that this library exists!

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Even if we don’t have audio, I think the video record is still likely helpful right?

I don’t personally think that watching me fumble around live-coding without audio is worth sharing. You can find the result here, however:


You should definitely just redo the event then :wink: (j/k, but it would be cool!)