Found comments in the PS book exercises which should have been removed?

I’m doing the excecises to the PS book.

I have set the excecise repo up according to chapter 2 (with ./scripts/ and ./scripts/ Now I started with Chapter 3 and opened src/Data/AddressBook.purs.

In there I find lines like:

-- This line should have been automatically deleted by See Chapter 2 for instructions. NOTE TO MAINTAINER: If editing `insertEntry`, remember to also update the non-anchored (and unsimplified) version of this function that is hardcoded in the book text.

Can I just ignore this? Do I need to run another script?
What should I do

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You’re welcome to just ignore it, though it will make things more cluttered with extra comments.
I’m interested in why it didn’t work however. By chance did you cd into the scripts directory first and then run the two scripts, or run them from the root directory? And are you using Windows (git bash) or Linux?

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Thanks for chiming in @ntwilson .

I’m not sure what I did the first time, but I re-did running the scripts and then (I’m pretty sure) I executed them from the purescript-book directory.

I was running this on RHEL 8 Linux. Additionally I am running the whole thing on Mac (Mojave) and there I get errors from ./scripts/

+ set -e
++ find . -regextype posix-extended -regex '\./exercises/chapter[0-9]{1,2}/(src|test)/.*\.(purs|js)' -type f
find: -regextype: unknown primary or operator
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