Free PureScript bootcamp next week

Next week, Meeshkan will be hosting a purescript bootcamp for our team. We’re opening it up for any interested devs! You can sign up at this link.

The topics are:

  • Creating a parser
  • Lenses
  • QuickCheck
  • A full devops pipeline (website+server, ci/cd)

Could you add each of these four events to our Meetup category? (click on the gear icon when composing). That will automatically display the events in local time.
I went though the sign-up link, but then found I can’t make it (after a bit of tedious timezone converting).

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A full devops pipeline (website+server, ci/cd)

I’d be curious to hear more about this, but I can’t make that timezone.

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The timing couldn’t be much worse for me :frowning: Will they be recorded?

@ursi Yes, the sessions are recorded.

Great bootcamp for those interested in wanting to dive into Purescript as well as real world examples. @mikesol mentioned there were recordings of each bootcamp so I’m sure they will be shared once they are up :+1:

Thanks to those who joined the bootcamp. As I can only put two links per post, I will add the links to the Google Drive presentations as replies to this comment.

During the presentations, I mentioned that we are increasingly building with PureScript at Meeshkan. If you’re interested in using a service built in PureScript for high-quality automated QA on your GraphQL and REST servers, please check out! We have a free tier that is suitable for most individual projects. And please check out our GitHub if you’d like to use any of our open-source PureScript GraphQL and OpenAPI libraries.

And if you have any questions about the presentation or would like to add errata/comments, please post them in this thread. Also, please reach out if you have any questions about the content of the sessions (parsers, lenses, quickcheck, ps+devops). Thanks!


Let’s build a parser:,

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Lenses and profunctors:, . The video was turned on a bit late, so we had already started using lenses, but hopefully the github is clear enough for the first part. The rest of the session, including the derivation of the profunctor library, is in the video.

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Let’s build a server:,

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Thanks a lot for doing this :smile: