Get paid to work on open source projects in PureScript (not clickbait)

FOAM is a Brooklyn based company working in blockchain and geospatial data. All of our software is written in either Haskell or PureScript. We have written and maintain all the PureScript libraries for interacting with the Ethereum blockchain. One of these is a project called Chanterelle which used for compiling, deploying, and testing smart contracts. It is currently being used heavily at FOAM and we consider it to be generally mature.

A project called gitcoin which manages bounties for open source development recently approached us and agreed to fund some work on Chanterelle. You can find the current list of open tickets here.

The only catch is that they payments are made in cryptocurrency. If for you this means “magic internet money”, we can offer to help you figure out how to turn this into a currency that is more familiar to you.

This is also a great opportunity to meet us if you are looking for opportunities to work as a PureScript or Haskell developer in blockchain.