Good PS libraries to learn from

I’d like to look over some good PS code for learning purposes. I consider myself a Haskell advanced-beginner and PS beginner. Any suggestions?


Is there anything in particular that you want to focus on / learn about? The sorts of PS code you’d like to see will likely vary based on that.

I still need to learn a lot of basic syntax and sugar in Purescript.

Eventually I’ll be writing a math game application to run in the browser. It will focus on guided solutions to math problems, with a lot of graphics (animation, decorating or amplifying math notation), some standard GUI stuff, and possibly a connection to a back end.

My experience from Haskell is that learning effective use of type classes is critical and something I need to work on. I have at best moderate awareness of the natural applications of the various type classes.

I’m a computer science tutor and may want to introduce my students to PureScript, for which I feel I need to be a real expert first, particularly in interpreting compiler errors. (My feeling is that PureScript’s biggest limitation for beginners is that the compiler error messages are nowhere near as helpful as, say, Haskell, which itself is a challenge sometimes.)

I think optics are going to be helpful, and I’d like to learn more about the use of type parameters and variables, to the point when someday I won’t be massively confused by every compiler error. I’m reading Lens for the Mere Mortal, but I’d like to supplement that with other ways to stretch my brain.

What I’d like to do is look at libraries that I can #1 just read and take notes on, #2 try to rip out and modify sections for learning purposes.

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You might find these projects by @sharkdp and @feramhq interesting:

The major UI libraries are also small but fairly complex projects that are good to dig into especially if you’re writing a game to run in the browser – we use Halogen, but Pux is an Elm-like, as is Spork, if you’d like that, and Concur is a hybrid FRP / Elm-like.

This is a nice project to get a feel for a larger Halogen setup than just one component at a time:

Other libraries I feel are interesting to unpack and learn from include:

You can’t go wrong with the core libraries, too, in the purescript organization. It’s valuable to study the foundational libraries like purescript-control, purescript-foldable, etc.


thanks, very much!

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This two would be interesting too look at too:

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