Halogen and React Interop

Hey everyone!

I’ve been experimenting with halogen the past few days and really enjoying it. It was quite straight forward to integrate with an existing react-app which is what I’m hoping to do with my company’s site.

It would be awesome (and save a lot of time) to reuse some of the react component packages we currently use, such as https://www.npmjs.com/package/react-infinite-scroll-component.

I feel it should be possible to wrap the react component in a halogen component, (i.e. make the appropriate query algebra/ message to for my halogen app to interact with it), but am unsure of where to start.

Any feedback or guidance would be much appreciated!

Thanks to all!

  • Charles
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Here is example of wrapping react component in hallogen. Aff.Bus is used for comunicating with instance of the react component


Thanks so much this is exactly what I’m looking for, I owe you a beer!

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