Help wanted:

There hasn’t been an issue of PureScript News in a while. This is mostly due to some changes in my personal circumstances that mean I haven’t had the time to curate content.

Or rather, when I have had some free time I have decided to spend it with my wife and children instead or to use it actually writing PureScript.

I probably should have put the call out sooner but despite my good intentions about picking things back up again, that never happened.

There are currently 263 subscribers so I think it’s probably worth continuing in some way.

I’d still like to have a say on the content and the overall voice but I’m basically looking for people to curate content and own issues in the same way I’ve done so far.

Please let me know if you are interested!



I’d be interested in helping out somehow.

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Thanks for posting this Paul. I like what you’ve done with PureScript News a lot. I’m not in a position to help unfortunately, but I wish you all the best with it.

I hope this doesn’t come across as patronising, but I’m very much in favour of establishing a community norm that people have lives outside of purescript which sometimes take priority, so I’d like to thank you for helping to establish this.

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I also really enjoyed and would be sad to see it disappear. I wonder to what extent we could help by automating certain things. For example, it might be nice to have a Slack bot which allowed people to add interesting content to a review queue somewhere, along with a description which could be edited later. Hopefully if the submissions were good, that would reduce the amount of work needed?


Haskell weekly uses a github repository’s issues for content suggestion, e.g.:


Do you have a description of the types of things you’d like to appear in PS News, and the audience it’s targeting?
I’ve been curious - is it a money-making venture for you? (I see there was a company sponsored on some issues) If so, it sounds like you’re asking for free labor here. :slight_smile:
Are you interested in managing content suggestions using an open system like Github, a Discourse topic/category, a Google Docs product, or similar?

There’s an official bookmarklet but it requires authorization, so I imagine this would need to just post to a GitHub repo or something.

I think that could help, although a lot of my focus so far has been on reviewing the content to make sure it’s suitable for the issue. In other words, making sure there’s some sort of balance in terms of approachability and across categories (general news, packages, videos, tutorials, etc)

There’s some sort of trade-off to be made there but I think it could work.

I don’t really have a description of what I’d like to appear but I think the past issues say a lot about that.

I’ve tried to find a good mix of beginner-friendly content and also cater to more experienced users. I’ve also tried to strike a balance between mediums; tutorials, videos, packages, tools, etc

I think the images make a big difference in terms of presentation but preparing those has been where a lot of the time has typically gone.

This is not a money-making venture for me. Awake Security is my employer and covers the cost of using

I’d probably prefer to use GitHub since I think it would be easier to collaborate on content.

I would love to help too.

I’ve exported all data from Curated and plan to stop using the service before the next billing cycle, which is in about a week.

I’m pretty sure this means that the site and issues will no longer be available online.

I should be able to set up a redirect for the domain name.

The domain name is up for renewal on 9/2 so I may just let it expire.