How are we liking current Categories

How are we liking the current Categories in this forum? I’m the creator/owner of them, but even I’m lacking confidence of their design and understanding of the category system.

I kinda think of a category as a “place”. What do other people think they are?

If it’s a place, it implies there’s a group of like-minded people there, like a group of experts of fans of a topic. If like that, we’d have a categories like “Type Theory”, “FRP”, “Web-DOM”, “App Design”, etc. The problem with this is that there would be a lot of topics to create. We could lazily create them, of course, so people would use the “Uncategorized” category if it doesn’t fit in an existing category, then we can create a new category when we see lots of similar topics of that same type.

Despite what a category should be, I feel like the following categories should be merged into a single one or just removed: “Help”, “Chat”, “Feedback”, “Chatroom Cross-posts”

i’m inclined to agree that fewer categories is better for what is, at present, still a very small community.

Dang, it looks like it’s kinda hard to merge categories – need to launch into a Rails REPL or something and craft some commands.

This is more than I want to do, so I’ll leave it for someone who is more confident than me to do it.