How could I register my package to package-sets

I checked , it seems that we should register things to JSON files manually?

Yep, thanks. My concern is that I do suggest to make some automatic tools for this :joy:

This is all a bit up in the air right now, see The bower registry is no longer accepting package submissions

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does it mean the docs spago publish at is already outdated?

It means that you’ll need to add your package to the purescript registry ( instead of the Bower registry, but adding to package sets / pursuit is otherwise the same.

Bower files will need the full git link instead of only the package name, because bower won’t be aware of the package name.

(In other words yes, the Pulp publishing docs are a bit out of date)

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since spago complained that my package is not found on package-sets, do I have to send PR to package-sets as well despite that purescript/registry has merged my package?

That’s right; the registry is a list of all packages (at any version, with no code checks) whereas the package set is a snapshot of a particular collection of packages that all build together. You’ll have to add your package to the current package set, where it will stay so long as it builds successfully. New package sets go out every 1-3 days.

That said, people can still install your package without it being in the package set, but it’s a more manual process for them.

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