How to change the path for Spago to look for Purescript's library to bundle?

I have changed the build path for my Purescript’s modules with this cmd:

spago build --purs-args '-o /src/purescript'; 

Now I want spago to look for content from this folder instead of output when I bundle a module. How can I do that?

The cmd I use for bundling:

spago bundle-module --main Helper --to src/utilities/helper.js;

I tried a lot of stuff, but couldn’t find a solution. Do you have a particular reason that you’re using src/purescript instead of the default?

Actually, I just found a way to do it, but not with Spago, but by using the PureScript compiler directly:

purs bundle src/purescript/**/*.js --main Helper --to src/utilities/helper.js
echo ";module.exports=PS.Helper;" >> src/utilities/helper.js

You have to have already built the modules using spago build as you did.

I am experimenting the compiler so that I can integrate Purescript into different projects I have in hand. The documentation of Spago is still relatively thin.

I will try this tonight. Thank you!

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Is changing the output path necessary for that? Can you elaborate?

Would you have any recommendations on what we could improve in the docs to make this information more available?
As @mhmdanas noted it would be of great help to clarify your original usecase, as “changing the output directory” might not be necessary and there might be a simpler way to achieve what you need.