In PureScript 0.15 + esbuild, how do I call a PS function from a JS function?

With purescript 0.14 I was exposing my main purescript functions in main.purs to the browser .window with with

exports._mainImpl = function() {
  return window.PS = PS;


foreign import _mainImpl :: Effect Unit

main :: Effect Unit
main = _mainImpl

renderBookmarks :: String -> Array Bookmark -> Effect Unit

Then I could call renderBookmarks from JS with PS['Main'].renderBookmarks(...)

with purescript 0.15 + esbuild there is no longer a PS variable in scope in main.js and my bundle.js doesn’t appear to have main.purs renderBookmarks code bundled; only main is bundled.

Is there some way i can import the other main.purs functions and expose that in main.js in ps v0.15?

in this example I want to expose the main.purs function renderBookmarks to the window globally so that it can be called externally

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Hello to our community and thanks for asking - I puzzled about this also when I switched to esbuild :wink:

Personally I go with esbuild ./output/Main/index.js --bundle --minify --sourcemap --global-name=ps --target=chrome58,firefox57,edge18 --outfile... with this you have something very similar and you can call your exports with something like


(all exports from your Main module are included in the ps object)

It’s the global-name flag that does it.
The doc says that this only matters if you add --format=iife but for me it works without this flag too - maybe I use an older version of esbuild though - so better add it :wink:


global-name was the trick - thanks!