Installed purs globally and purs.bin runs, but not link to bin directory

On RHEL 8 I have installed purescript via

npm install -g purs

using an npm prefix of /data/sw/npm.

purs.bin gets installed (into /data/sw/npm/lib/node_modules/purs/node_modules/purescript/purs.bin), but not linked to the bin directory /data/sw/npm.

Why’s that?

ps: Other npm packages get properly linked into /data/sw/npm, even spago is linked properly into the bin dir.

System info

item version
purs version 0.12.5
node version 14.17.3
npm version 6.14
RHEL version 8.3

Not sure whether this is relevant or not, but does this still occur if you install the latest PureScript package (i.e. v0.14.5)?

Thanks for chiming in @JordanMartinez.

I didn’t do anything special to get not the latest version, just npm install -g purs.

npm installed v0.12.5. Any idea why it didn’t install v0.14? Is v0.14 maybe not a stable public version?

You should npm install -g purescript, not npm install -g purs. The latest purs version in npm is 0.12.5 (and it fails to install with my npm). Maybe it should be removed / updated @JordanMartinez?

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Super thanks! npm install -g purescript worked!

So after that, how do I install spago? The same way as the doco says: npm install -g spago?

Yes, that should work.

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The purs package isn’t under our control.


Oh I see. Unfortunate naming then.

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BTW, I just checked: The Getting Started Guide in the doco does say “npm install -g purescript”, so it was a very coincidental Freudian mistake that I typed “npm install -g purs” and thought it were correct…

Thanks for the clarifications!

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