Interplay between PureScript IDE and PSA and warnings

Sometimes in PureScript I find it difficult to track down warnings. PSA is fantastic for this because of it’s --stash flag that will persist warnings from build to build. In my projects I never invoke spago directly, but instead use an npm script that invokes spago with --stash (among other flags).

I’m using PureScript IDE in VS Code. PureScript IDE will rebuild the source file you’re poking around in as you’re making edits. Maybe you can see where this is going. If I make a change in VS Code and let the IDE finish recompiling that file, then the next time I build at the command line I don’t see any warnings from that file, because they never got put in the --stash, and there’s no need to recompile that file.

I thought that perhaps adding --stash to the build command in the PureScript IDE settings would resolve this, since then it would stash the warnings when the IDE did its auto compilation in the background, but no luck.

I was able to get it working by redirecting the IDE to a completely different output folder than what the npm build script uses, but that doesn’t seem right…

Does anybody have a more elegant solution to this problem?