Introducing purescript-servant

For those of you who were at beach hac in LA this year (aka May Day Convoluted Weekend), I gave a talk about implementing some of servant in purescript and why it would be useful to have. The emphasis was on being able to easily generate client libraries for REST APIs in a uniform way.

After revisiting this we got something nice, so I wanted to announce it as 1.0.0 release of purescript-servant. There is an extremely detailed test suite showing off the features, if you’re interested in trying it out I would start there. Any feedback is welcome.

There is currently only the client implementation for the combinators, but imo a server implementation would be definitely worth having. As I don’t typically write backend services in purescript it might be a while before I get around to it.



How does it compare to ?

Draft of a frontend router based on this library here

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