Introduction Slides for PureScript

Hi, are there any good introductory presentations or slide-decks you can recommend? I’m going to give a introductory presentation at the Berlin Haskell meetup on 2018-11-01 and I wanted to see what others have used so far.
Thanks for your help!

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I know of this video:

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Here is the link to the slides I made for my presentation:


I like yours the best of the ones I’ve stumbled across, @adius. :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks for the kind words! :slight_smile:

@adius Mind if I link to your slides in my learning repo? The above link no longer works, so I’m assuming you’ve placed it elsewhere on the web.

Oh dammit, the URL isn’t stable yet. Not until I release the final blog post.
But it is and will definitely be in this directory:
And yeah feel free to share the link :blush:

Thanks! I’ll linked to the main.pdf for right now. Would you mind notifying me when you do finish the final blog post, so I can update the repo to point to it?

Sure, I will post the link here as soon as the blog post is published.