Is there something like react-window for halogen?

Hi, I’m evaluating if jumping into halogen, but I’m doing a feature check before jumping in, one of the things I use the most are things like react-window but i have 1 hour trying to find a similar library for halogen I can not find anything, how halogen community handle virtualized lists?


I’m not aware of a virtualized list library for Halogen; when one doesn’t yet exist usually Halogen devs will write bindings for a JavaScript library and control it from Halogen. For example, there’s no native chart solution for Halogen but folks bind to D3 and Echarts.

If you’re evaluating Halogen, then it’s a great idea to catalog the components you’re likely to need and see what you’re comfortable writing yourself, what exists in the community, and what you will need to bind to.

But to play it extra safe around component availability you may be interested in react-basic, which makes it pretty easy to bind to an existing React component (ie. things like react-window), and the React ecosystem already has pretty much everything available.

You can write a Halogen component that binds to a React library like react-window, but it means bringing in React, too.


Thank you a lot! After reading the PureScript by Example book, I can understand a bit more PureScript and went with react-basic-hooks to focus more on learning PureScript than another framework for now.

I find it easier to learn PureScript with React (which I already know how to use), yet Halogen seems pretty impressive, I’ll jump when I get more exp with PureScript.

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