Is this donation page official?

Is this donation link official
where does the money go?

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I believe the money goes towards paying for infrastructure costs (e.g. Discourse instance, Try PureScript, Pursuit, etc.). It doesn’t go towards compiler development.

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Yes, it’s official, and as @JordanMartinez said it pays for the servers that run Try PureScript, the Discourse, Pursuit, and the upcoming registry.

EDIT: I should add that we don’t need any more donations at this time, our costs are covered :relieved:


is there any way to help with compiler development?

There is no direct funding of compiler development, but we’ve started to spin up working groups for specific compiler features (like ES modules support) that you can follow along with and find ways to help. Some of that might be on the feature itself, or help testing it, or help upgrading libraries downstream, and that sort of thing.


thanks, I’m happy to help I was thinking about finding a solution for these issues

I think if we fix these issues, the newcomers will have a better experience using Purescript.
I started reading purs ide source code but if anyone has a solution in mind, please share.