Limit to number of Fibers Aff can schedule?

hyperisco [4:12 PM]
there is a limit on how many fibers Aff can schedule… how would I be notified if that limit was hit

natefaubion [4:12 PM]
It is possible to hit a limit if you fork, and in that fork you immediately fork, and in that fork you immediately fork, etc, until such a point that it will blow the stack.
Because the runtime right now immediately starts evaluating forks, until it hits an async barrier (edited)
oh, and OOM I guess ¯_(ツ)_/¯

hyperisco [4:17 PM]
well I don’t think I’ve done that because the javascript console does not hang
is this just for scare factor then?

looks like a ring buffer
and failure also seems to be silent

natefaubion [4:19 PM]
If a limit is hit, will start greedily evaluating the callbacks until there’s enough room, I believe

In practice this limit is extremely difficult to hit

natefaubion [4:21 PM]
you would have to have a lot of async actions that resolve synchronously

natefaubion [4:21 PM]
The scheduler is only used to resolve async actions
If something just stops working and exits, sounds like a dead lock