Looking for a host for the online PureScript *Hack* Meetups!

We have a monthly PS Hack meetup, on fourth Saturdays, in which we are meant to hack on projects within the community.

I inherited it a long time ago and I’ve never been very good at hosting that one, and likely a result of that is that attendance has been falling.

So, I’m looking for someone else to take over that meetup! Hopefully they can make changes to make it a thing which people can get excited about, enjoy attending, and find useful.

Otherwise, I will consider cancelling that meetup. It can be restarted or replaced with a better online meetup! Just need someone who has an idea and wants to commit to hosting it for awhile.

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I’ve really liked these meetups, but I think one of the biggest problems for me was the time, since it was at 11PM on Saturday, meaning I was often out when it was going on. I’d be interested in doing some small monthly EU Saturday late morning/noon online meetup, but I wouldn’t be doing any recordings.


I have the same problem @justinw mentioned, even though I am not usually out at that time, but just already sleeping. :smile:
Saturday late morning CET/CEST time would be awesome for me.

Yeah, I think it’s a good idea to try a new time slot! Do one of you want to choose a time to try for an online hack meetup in August, @justinw or @gcsolaroli? If you’d like to try managing it in its entirety, I’d be glad. :slight_smile:

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Late morning cet/cest would be great.