Looking for a PureScript developer for a short term job updating an open source library [CLOSED]


Hey all!

I’m announcing a short term job here, the exact details of which are below. If you’re interested in accepting, please send me a brief private message at martin@foam.space. If you just have questions about the details, feel free to ask here. I will update/close this post if the job has been filled.

I’m the primary author of a few different open source PureScript libraries allowing interop with Mapbox and a WebGL powered visualization library called deck.gl:

Everything is really geared toward supporting deck.gl, which we have used extensively at my company in the past. If you don’t know what deck.gl is, it’s a really awesome library for creating visualizations of geospatial data. It also provides react components that wrap these visualization layers to make development super easy.

Unfortunately when I tried to update our libraries to support the latest versions of deck.gl (latest is 8., we’re on 5.), I was unable to successfully follow the upgrade path docs to successfully do this. I’m not an experienced enough javascript/react/ui developer to really understand what the problem is – I can fake all of this stuff up to a certain point, but I am primarily a Haskell developer and most of my hands-on PureScript work for the last 2 years has been scripting and testing. Here is a github issue that tries to explain the problem (to the best of my ability).

In order to be considered a possible candidate, you should have (documented) experience with the following, in decreasing order of importance.

  1. PureScript UI development (duh)
  2. React / purescript-react / ffi with javascript libraries that define react components
  3. Halogen (the example applications in these libraries are written in halogen v5, which mount the react components and communicate over a message bus. The reason why we do this is complicated, but it is not using halogen in a sophisticated way so it should be no big deal.)
  4. (optional bonus) mapbox and/or any javascript libraries that deal with maps and viewports, or at least an interest in these things.

If you were experienced in (1) and (2) above, I would expect that you would be able to solve the linked github issue in something like 5 hours or less, even if you haven’t finished writing the code and updating the example app. If you can somehow prove that the sketch will lead to a successful solution, I would consider the job done if I have to fill in the details myself. That’s why I’m going to post a bounty of $500 as a starting point for this, and if you have a strong argument for why it should cost more then we’ll work it out. I would ask that people refrain from price negotiation in this thread, or expressing outrage that the offer is unfair. IMO it is enough to simply not respond in order to express your outrage.

Hopefully we find someone, thanks for listening!

Senior Engineer, FOAM


I should also mention that literally any electronic payment form is possible, whether it’s bank transfer, bitcoin, paypal, etc. It does not matter what country you live in.



I’m temporarily closing this until I can confirm @srghma 's work but it looks good so far.

I am closing this permanently as @srghma has successfully solved the issue (thanks!).