Looking for maintainers for HTTPure

Hi Lovely PureScript Community-

It is with great regret that I have come to realize that I have no realistic time to dedicate to PureScript or httpure any more. I’ve taken a new job that leaves me less time for experimentation on the job and does not enable me to use PureScript professionally unfortunately, and simultaneously my free time is lower than it’s ever been (young kids and all that).

This means that, as sad as it makes me to admit it, I am officially declaring myself incapable of maintaining httpure. I don’t have the time to keep up with even PRs (there are two sitting there that I haven’t managed to find time to review for months), and due to my inability to regularly use PureScript either professionally or personally, I don’t even trust myself to do good PRs even if I had a bit of time. Actually writing commits is even more out of the question.

It does seem like there have been a few folks out there who have found value in httpure. Rather than just leaving the project stale or archiving the github repo or something, I’d love to find a way to keep the project going under new, more focused leadership. So, I’m looking for any takers. Anyone interested in taking over for me as the owner of httpure?

EDIT: forgot to mention there’s a github thread about this here: Is HTTPure production ready? · Issue #192 · cprussin/purescript-httpure · GitHub. Feel free to hop over there to drop a message if you’re interested too.


Thanks for writing httpure. I’ve never used it but it looks like a nice package. I hope you can find a maintainer for it.


Hey @cprussin, sorry to hear you no longer have time. Here at CitizenNet · GitHub, we’re heavily reliant on HTTPure, so we would be happy to maintain it if you’re willing to transfer the repo to us. Feel free to DM me on Discord @ davez#3224.


I’m pleased to announce that CitizenNet will be taking over httpure and drive continued maintenance.

I’m really excited about this change – it will be great to get this project in the hands of a group of folks who use it professionally and in production. I’m confident they’ll be able to drive improvements in a way I’d never be able to keep up with.

Thanks especially to @davez and @joneshf from CitizenNet for their willingness to step up here and for their past contributions!

Thanks also to @sigma-andex and @nava who volunteered on Github to pitch in as well, and I’m sure CitizenNet will value your input and assistance moving forward if the offer still stands.

I’ll make the change in github now to transfer the repo over to the CitizenNet org. Thanks again all!