Looking for new spago maintainer in Nixpkgs

I’m planning on stepping down as the maintainer of spago in Nixpkgs, as of the following commit:

which is contained in the following PR:

If anyone is interested in maintaining spago in Nixpkgs, we’d definitely welcome the help! As far as I know, no one has packaged the new version of spago in Nixpkgs either, so it would be nice if someone could contribute and maintain that.

For anyone that is currently getting spago from Nixpkgs, I believe you should be able to get spago from GitHub - justinwoo/easy-purescript-nix: Easy PureScript (and other tools) with Nix (at least for some systems).


An alternative is GitHub - thomashoneyman/purescript-overlay: PureScript core tools in Nix. It provides multiple versions of main packages like spago, spaghetto, purs, purs-unstable, etc.

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