Looking for some quick tutoring (help with blockers)


I am looking for a part-time tutor to help me with a few struggles. I am under the gun to finish a project, but am stonewalled in just a couple of areas. Hopefully, I won’t need a lot of help, but an hour of your time could save me a week of beating my head against a wall. Name your rate. Anything reasonable accepted.

The project I’m working on is a library written in PS but used from the browser via JS. The browser passes JSON configurations to the PS library, which does some math (including retrieving data from forms, session storage, etc.) and returns either a value or a list of errors. Actually, it returns a function that when called by a browser event does the calculation.

My struggle is mostly with choosing the right approach to passing in the JSON (stringified?) and then getting the values back unwrapped. I need to indicate which operation (add, subtract, getFromInput, etc.) I want – maybe a “tag” field in the JSON? – then convert that to a Row Type in PS (removing the tag?). So there is one function – makeOperate – that handles everything and operations can be nested.

That’s the gist of it. I’m mostly done with the PS part, but not sure how to make it a library and how to get the data in and out of it. I’ll also need to polish things. I’m sure I have lots of misunderstandings.

The current (probably ugly) code is here: GitHub - site-bender/operations-ps: PureScript version of the operations module for calculations, validation, conditionals, etc. You should be able to do pnpm i; npx spago bundle-app; pnpm dev then check the browser console.

:crossed_fingers: Note: I am in GTC + 12 but will work with your time zone.