Lumi is looking for a PureScript developer

Find a full description of the job here.

At Lumi, we use Haskell and Postgres on the backend, and ES6 and React on the front end, but we’re making good progress on writing new front-end code in PureScript. Specifically, we’ve released the purescript-react-basic library for creating new React components, the purescript-fixed-precision library for fixed precision arithmetic, and most recently, we’ve written a tool for turning our Haskell types and APIs into PureScript types and API clients.

I can answer questions here or on Slack, but please apply on the website.

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In your slack post you mentioned “We work remotely (within the US)”, so I’m wondering exactly what that entails.

Which of these, if any, might you accept?

  1. A non-US national living in the US
  2. Someone who shares a US time zone, but not in the US
  3. A US national not living in a US timezone
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  1. Yes - this depends on the exact situation, but I think permanent residents would be fine, for example.
  2. No
  3. Maybe