Make Pursuit show more similar results?

Am I the only one that sees Pursuit sometimes a bit unhelpful? I have a very hard time searching for anything, in comparison to Hoogle, for instance. You actually have to know up-front what do you search for to have any results at all. Let’s say that I type Halogen.Driver.Eval instead of the actual Halogen.Aff.Driver.Eval. I get " Your search for Halogen.Driver.Eval did not yield any results." In the meanwhile, when I type i.e. ByteString.Lens in Hoogle, I get a ton of modules that have ByteString and Lens in their names.

Is it possible to implement a more fuzzy search in Pursuit? I can bet that I’m not the only one having such problems. I just get “no results” too often when I’m searching for something that I don’t know the exact name of, and it can be frustrating.