May be of help to somebody: wrote a OSS progressive web app in Purescript


just finished writing a simple progressive web app that works as a share target (on mobile devices) as my first project using PureScript using Halogen. It is meant to be an easy to read program without too abstract or complicated parts.

The GitHub sources: Purscript PWA
The PWA: Notoy

Goals of the PWA:

  • Mainly writing a progressive web app in PureScript (not the service worker, this is more or less just an autogenerated list of files to cache)
  • Using Halogen
  • Using a PureScript PWA as a share target
  • Sharing text from a PureScript PWA
  • Using the geolocation API
  • Doing reverse geolocation using a web API (using BigData's geolocation services)
  • Wrapping callbacks in an Aff (getCurrentPosition geolocation function)
  • Doing JavaScript FFI
  • Writing tests, also using Quickcheck

I also have found a Yak to shave waiting by the road, I did a PureScript version of the whole DateTimeFormat and DateTimeFormatOptions types und functions.